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Posted on : 2022-11-24



Topic: Diabetes Awareness Programme – 22nd November - 2022

Resource Person: Dr. Mynavathi R, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Krishnakumar (Diabetes specialist), Mr. Hari (Health Inspector)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. V. Karthikeyan Department of Pharmacy Practice.

Counsellor: M. Pharm I & III semester, Department of Pharmacy Practice and IV Pharm. D. Students.

Date: 22nd November 2022.

Venue: Community Health Center (CHC), Kuzhalmannam.

Time: 09.00 AM to 03.00 PM.


Every November 14, World Diabetes Day is commemorated, which is an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of diabetes on the health of people.

An Diabetes Awareness campaign was organized by Department of pharmacy practice, Grace College of Pharmacy, Palakkad at Community Health Center (CHC), Kuzhalmannam, Palakkad on 22/11/2022 from 09.00 AM to 03.00PM. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Mynavathi R, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Krishnakumar (Diabetes specialist), Mr. Hari (Health Inspector), Community Health Center, Kuzhalmannam, Palakkad. A session was taken by Dr. Krishnakumar on Diabetes Awareness.

The World Diabetes Day campaign aims to be the:

  • Platform to promote IDF advocacy efforts throughout the year.
  • Global driver to promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted actions  to confront diabetes as a critical global health issue.

A total 347 patients was participated this awareness programme. The participants were the general public. After the initial check of height, weight and BMI, the participants were guided to the counter where the blood pressure and Random Blood Sugar was checked. Every participant was given the Health Check Cards with their brief identity. All those who came for health check-ups were given health education which was customized to the non diabetics and diabetics focusing on the risk factors, clinical manifestations, complications and management including lifestyle modifications, foot care and medication adherence. Those who are diabetic and are on insulin therapy were reiterated on the technique of insulin administration and tips to be followed for the safe administration of insulin and prevention of insulin-induced complications.